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We fully realize that, internal synergies are the most powerful force, to be sturdy pillars in supporting any personnel, all of which are required in the execution of their duties, until it eventually cause an expression "there are no heroes among us". An expression that we think can make us more motivated to work better and better.

( Ir. Lucky B. Santosa )


PT. Trimatra Jasa Prakasa is Construction Management Consultant (CM) which is certified ISO 9001: 2015 Management System Certified from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance International Certification Agency.
They are "First-Class" CM in Indonesia as of this date which constantly increasing professionalism in order to be the best.

They have proven to be a leading partner of Investor and Developer in Indonesia and it recognized as the "Synergy Maker" by partners from both Planning Consultant, Consultant or Contractor and Supplier QS.

PT. Trimatra Jasa Prakasa is a professional CM, dedicated, upholding business ethics and be harmonisator interests of the owner and all construction businesses.
Partnered with PT. Trimatra Jasa Prakasa will produce the maximum benefit.

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Komplek Perkantoran Simprug Indah
Jl. Teuku Nyak Arief No. 9A
Kebayoran Lama - Jakarta 12220

Telp.: +62-21-725 8521
Fax.: +62-21-725 8522
Email.: trimatra@trimatrajasaprakasa.co.id & tjp_mkt@yahoo.co.id
Contact Person.: Lucky B. Santosa & Rosidi
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